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Dragons at the Concrete Decor Show

Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2016 at 1:23 PM

We edited our post due to an incorrect artist attribution.
Last week, Shawn Orr from Preval was at the Concrete Decor Show in San Antonio, TX. You might be wondering, "What could be so exciting about a show dedicated to concrete?" Well, we saw a few really cool things like a 20-something foot concrete dinosaur being airbrushed (with the vFan!) and prepared to be an exhibit at a local museum. Check out the videos on our Facebook page here

One of the more exciting parts of the show had to be when Rachel Knigge Bruce and Chris Swanson airbrushed a dragon into a concrete floor tile for everyone at the show to see. The dragon was stenciled so the lighter blues and yellows could be applied with Ameripolish dyes. After the light base, darker blues and reds were used for giving the dragon more depth and shadows. The areas that have a matte finish were etched and then painted. The glossy areas were painted without any etching. After all the painting was done, the tile was sprayed with a protective clear coat for concrete. 


Check out all of the detail Shawn was able to get using the vFan. The blues and yellows work really well together to get an eye-catching design on the concrete. He makes it look easy doesn't he? … Maybe not TOO easy.