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Private Label – Make it Yours


Preval is a rapidly expanding manufacturer of aerosol-based products that deliver consistent, professional spray results. Headquartered near Chicago, Preval is a world leader in the paint and coating industry and offers consumers and industrial entities the most innovative products powered by its proprietary aerosol technology. Preval's products are affordable, precise, portable and disposable, and used in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, hardware, and arts and crafts. Through its partner company, Chicago Aerosol, Preval offers a wide range of contract filling and private labeling services. Preval currently is sold in more than 50,000 stores throughout the United States as well as hundreds of outlets around the globe.

How it works

How Preval Sprayer operates is simple, efficient and compelling. Because of the Sprayers patented venturri vaccum process, liquid or paint product is pulled from a removable, refillable Product Container. The pressure comes from the top part called the "Power Unit", contained seperately from the "Product Container". A dip tube runs through the Power Unit and into the Product Container pulling up whatever you are spraying.

The Sprayer fills a void in all of the Coatings Industries from Industrial, Contractor; and Consumer Users.  By simply connecting an aerosol can to our Delivery system any Coating Users can professionally deliver unadulterated, fine finishes, touch-ups and coatings for small surfaces.

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