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Spray. Powered.

In one word, Amazing!

In one sentence, the Preval Sprayer is a professional grade spray system that is for countless applications, disposable, recyclable, easy to clean and where no compressor is needed.

 How Preval Sprayer operates is simple, efficient and compelling. Because of the Sprayers patented venturri vaccum process, liquid or paint product is pulled from a removable, refillable Product Container. The pressure comes from the top part called the "Power Unit", contained seperately from the "Product Container". A dip tube runs through the Power Unit and into the Product Container pulling up whatever you are spraying.

When it all started was during World War II, when the first aerosol package arose to atomize droplets of liquid filled insecticide to protect servicemen from maleria. A few years later, Robert Aplanap, founder of the Precision Valve invented and mass produced aerosol valves and dedicated his career to being a world leader in smart, innovative and efficient valve technology.

Why Its all in the name of greatness as many people may refer to the Sprayer as the "baby sprayer" because it looks a little like an original baby bottle when baby bottles were made with Glass. "Preval" however is named after Robert Aplanaps company, Precision Valve. Preval Sprayer is sold in more than 50,000 retail stores worldwide, and can be purchased in almost every hardware, automotive and paint store in America. In June of 2009 Preval Division was acquired by Chicago Aerosol ( which proudly manufactured Preval Sprayer and other Preval Products. Manufactured in Coal City, Illinois USA. For more information email us at or call us at 815-634-5890.

The Sprayer and vFan Portable Airbrush System fills a void in all of the Coatings Industries from Industrial, Contractor; and Consumer Users.  By simply connecting an aerosol can to our Delivery system any Coating Users can professionally deliver unadulterated, fine finishes, touch-ups and coatings for  small surfaces.