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Who Uses Preval?

Preval is meant to be used as a professional finish no matter your project. Preval is a precise spray tool that can be used for large or small projects, commercial or non-commercial.

  • Preval is a versatile spray gun used for multiple types of liquids

  • Preval has precision spraying capabilities that offer a professional looking job

  • Sprays up to 16oz of liquid, depending upon viscosity

  • Preval Atomizers are disposable and recyclable when depleted; easily and affordably replace with a new atomizer

  • Multiple jar attachment; use 1 sprayer for multiple projects

  • Made from 100% glass and aluminum, Preval parts are recyclable when clean

  • Use different jars for different uses with the same Atomizer

  • Portable and lightweight

  • No compressors, hoses or power cords

  • No clean-up; save time and money compared to a professional sprayer

  • Affordably priced compared to commercial sprayers


Use the Preval Spray System to spray and save money on all kinds of materials including:

  • stains
  • oils
  • watercolors
  • lacquer and thinners
  • varnish
  • automotive paint
  • acetone
  • shellac
  • protective coatings
  • art and craft paint
  • industrial lubricants
  • industrial cleaners
  • coded colors
  • fertilizers
  • insecticides and pesticides
  • bleach, ammonia and vinegar
  • epoxy
  • chemicals
  • 2-component paints, primers and finishes
  • homemade solutions
  • clearcoat
  • solvents
  • inks and dyes