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Do It Yourself

This Kindergarten teacher uses Preval as a valuable tool on many projects.

Use Preval in the classroom for stenciling balloons or painting stenciled letters, then clean it and use on another project.  Use leftover latex or acrylic paints from other projects.  Mix and match your own colors. Preval is also a snap to clean up.  Within the same project, you can re- use it with different colors.  Clean it up again, and use the Preval Spray gun to glue together pieces of a project you’ve been working on.

Here’s a stencil project for creating balloons on construction paper that your kids can hang on the classroom.

  • Have kids trace balloons from a template you create
  • Direct kids to cut out the stencil you’ve created
  • Kids get to pick a color from your child safe paints
  • Teacher sprays each stencil on contrasting piece of construction paper
  • Let dry overnight
  • Kids write their name on their personally painted balloon.
  • Hang on the wall.

When you are done with each color, cleaning and storing is as easy as filling the reservoir with a drop of dish soap and water, cleaning the reservoir without the power unit, and then spraying clean water through the power unit.

Professional results and priced for the DIY user.  Sprays almost any kind of paint, stain, varnish, ink, dye and thousands of more liquids.    Use the Preval Spray Gun for any of your DIY projects. Preval can be used for just about any do-it-yourself project. Create your own precise, controlled spray and atomize your own solution. Nothing is more impressive then showing off your own specialized project.

Most people use thinners for thicker liquids, for a much faster and wider spray. In this Video this was 100% acrylic Paint, not thinned at all.

The possibilities are endless in terms of how you can use a Preval Sprayer. Here's how some of our customers have used Preval with their DIY projects:

Cleaning – The Preval Spray Gun makes short work of every household chore.  Cleaning solutions for windows, counters, doorknobs, fixtures and more all can be applied with ease. Just fill, attach and spray. To clean silver or brass, just pour in a liquid solution, spray on and wipe off.  For your toughest household cleaning jobs - even oil stains in the garage - you can use industrial-strength solvents. Preval makes cleaning up your house fast and easy.  

The no-mold solution – No one wants mold growing anywhere near a home or a workplace. Bleach is a great way to eliminate mold. Fill the Preval Glass Jar with bleach and simply spray on the affected area. It's fast, easy, and it will keep you healthy. Using no CFCs, Preval is the smart, sure way to ensure the ecological health of your home. Get rid of mold with Preval!

Hobbies – Whether you need to lacquer a holiday wreath, varnish a homemade knickknack, apply fixative to a color poster or spray paint a model airplane, let Preval make the job simple. Small and compact, the Preval Spray Gun gives you professional results every time. 

Garden and Plants – Feed your plants quickly and easily with Preval. You can mix up powder or liquid insecticides and spray just what’s needed, exactly where it’s needed. You can add just the right amount of fertilizer to your mix, too. And when you use a different jar for pure water, your Preval Spray Gun becomes a quick, easy misting tool. Get Preval to enhance your green thumb. 

Painting – No painting tool on the planet is as convenient and easy to use. The spray gun with a countless number of uses, Preval makes short work of the toughest touch-up painting jobs. It’s perfect for smaller scale projects, too – like painting a chair, or varnishing a table. Artists can mix their own custom paints. Best of all, clean-up is a snap. You’ll save time and energy with Preval.

Boat – Think of the endless maintenance jobs involved in owning a boat – keeping fixtures bright and shiny, keeping wood oiled, even keeping the engine oiled. Now think of the Preval Spray Gun, the all-purpose time saver. Just fill, and a quick touch of the button applies every cleaner, polisher and lubricator you'll need to keep your boat looking its best.

Car – Nicks and scratches can lead to rust, your car’s worst enemy. Protect your auto against rust with a Preval spray gun. Keep a small amount your car’s paint on hand for perfect color matching. Preval is great for your car's interior, including vinyl touch-ups.